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Face Image Clustering

Investigations that require the exploitation of large volumes of face imagery are increasingly common in current forensic scenarios (e.g., Boston Marathon bombing), but effective solutions for triaging such imagery (i.e., low importance, moderate importance, and of critical interest) are not available in the literature. General issues for investigators in these scenarios are a lack of systems that can scale to volumes of images over 100K, and a lack of established methods for clustering the face images into the unknown number of persons of interest contained. As such, we explore best practices for clustering large sets of face images into large numbers of clusters as a method of reducing the volume of data to be investigated by forensic analysts (Fig. 1).

cluster flowchart
Fig. 1 Semi-automated investigative workflow, leveraging clustering.


Relevant Publication(s)

1. C. Otto, B. Klare, and A. K. Jain, "An Efficient Approach for Clustering Face Images", ICB, Phuket, Thailand, May 19-22, 2015.[pdf]

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