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Biometric systems based on a single source of information (unibiometric systems) suffer from limitations such as the lack of uniqueness and non-universality of the chosen biometric trait, noisy data and spoof attacks. In contrast, multibiometric systems fuse information from multiple biometric sources; an optimal combination of information can alleviate some of the limitations of unibiometric systems. Consequently, multibiometric systems achieve better performance compared to unibiometric systems and are being increasingly adopted in a number of applications. Some of the major issues in designing a multibiometric system are (i) determining the sources of biometric information to be fused, (ii) acquisition and processing sequence, (iii) type of information to be fused, (iv) optimal fusion methodology and (v) cost-benefit analysis. The goal of this project is to address these design issues systematically in order to maximize the performance of multibiometric systems.

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