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Latest News

Anil Jain featured as a Spartan Crime Fighter on MSU Today

Research investigating fingerprint matching accuracy over time featured in Evidence Technology Magazine

Anil Jain quoted in IEEE Spectrum (FBI wants better automated analysis for tattoos)

Anil Jain interviewed by Charles Severance about the evolution of the biometric recognition field for IEEE Computer

Anil Jain quoted in CBS News (FBI using facial recognition despite privacy concerns)

Article discussing the role of biometrics in forensic science featured on

Research investigating persistence of fingerprint recognition accuracy over time featured on MSU Today

Former student honors Anil Jain with endowed fund [MSU Today]

Anil Jain quoted in CBS Minnesota (Good Question: How Does Facial Recognition Technology Work?)

Anil Jain quoted in The Big Story - Associated Press (Can't remember your password? Here are 2 new ways to log in)

PRIP lab research featured on MSU iCER Research Highlights

Research on using fingerprints to track vaccination schedules of infants and toddlers featured on, Fox 47 News

Anil Jain's research has been widely recognized in the fields of pattern recognition and biometrics (more than 100,000 citations). [Google Scholar], [H-index]

Biometric Books

"Encyclopedia of Biometrics" eds. S. Z. Li and A. K. Jain
"Introduction to Biometrics" by A. K. Jain, A. A. Ross, and K. Nandakumar
"Handbook of Face Recognition" by S. Z. Li and A. K. Jain
Other biometric books

Upcoming Conferences

ICB 2015, May 19-22, 2015, Phuket, Thailand.
CVPR 2015, June 8-10, 2015, Boston, Massachusetts.
BTAS 2015, Sep. 8-11, 2015, Washington, D.C..
Biometric Summer School, June 6-10, 2016, Alghero, Italy.

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What is Biometrics?

The field of biometrics examines the unique physical or behavioral traits that can be used to determine a person’s identity. Biometric recognition is the automatic recognition of a person based on one or more of these traits. The word “biometrics” is also used to denote biometric recognition methods. For example, fingerprint, face, or iris biometric features are sometimes described as single biometrics. Biometric technology can prevent fraud, enhance security, and curtail identity theft. More...


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Pattern Recognition and Image Processing (PRIP) Lab
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