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Biometric Books

Encyclopedia of Biometrics eds. S. Z. Li and A. K. Jain (2015)
Introduction to Biometrics by A. K. Jain, A. A. Ross, and K. Nandakumar (2011)
Handbook of Face Recognition by S. Z. Li and A. K. Jain (2011)
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What is Biometrics?

The field of biometrics examines the unique physical or behavioral traits that can be used to determine a person’s identity. Biometric recognition is the automatic recognition of a person based on one or more of these traits. The word “biometrics” is also used to denote biometric recognition methods. For example, fingerprint, face, or iris biometric features are sometimes described as single biometrics. Biometric technology can prevent fraud, enhance security, and curtail identity theft. More...


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